Original Film

Spin - Munchies Scene

Film by Taylor Mansmann

HBO's Westworld Scoring Competition

Competition with Spitfire Audio and Westworld


Video by Ashton Bennett Murphy

Cues and Composer Reel

Composer Reel

Compilation of Cues

Farewell on the Misty Shore

Short Cue - Wistful

They're Trying to Break Through

Short Cue - Horror

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Short Cue - Funky

A Walk Through The Park

Short Cue - Romantic

List of Film and TV Scores

Feature Films

Sirona (2023)
Feature Film
Directed by Wesley Clark

No Ordinary Love (2021)
Feature Film – Additional Music
Directed by Chyna Butler Robinson

TV / Web Series

Melvin (2021)
Mini Series
Created by Ethel England and Joel Bringolf

Caper Club (2017)
Web Series
Directed by Shalavé Cawley

Pitches (2017)
Web Series
Directed by Austin Zessin

Gordy of All Trades (2017)
Web Series
Directed by Shane Pederson

Short Films

Cooking with Claudia (2023)
Short Film
Directed by Priscila Torres

Viciously Erratic (2023)
Short Film
Directed by Greg Siciliani

Goodnight, My Love (2023)
Short Film
Directed by Chyna Butler Robinson

Cold Light (2022)
Short Film
Directed by Rogelio Rodríguez

L’Expiation (2021)
Short Film – Co-Composer
Directed by Heather Fusari

A Morning in March (2021)
Short Film
Directed by Joan Lee Thompson

My Dear God (2020)
Short Film
Directed by Tara Sheffer

Foiled (2020)
Short Film
Directed by Hao-Wei Tim Chang

Before the Lion, Now the Lamb (2020) 
Short Film
Directed by Cassidy Gray

Lola Lisa (2020)
Short Film
Directed by Chyna Butler Robinson 

Spin (2019)
Short Film
Directed by Taylor Mansmann 

El Grito (2018)
Short Film 
Directed by Andrea Garcia