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Performed by Dr. Patricia Dinkins-Matthews in Bates Recital Hall

Vignette (n.) – a brief evocative description, account, or episode.

1. “Hello, Miss Julia!” – A description of my younger sister. My sister is the epitome of quirky, boundless energy and unflagging determination. When she was a basketball and swim coach, it was delightful to watch her interact with all of her players and to see how they ran up to her to say hello and to tell her about their days.

2. “Strength Through Crisis” – A portrait of my father. Over the last few years, my dad has battled cancer, and in 2018, he was finally declared cancer-free. Even at the worst moments, he celebrated each day, never letting the hardships bring down his spirit.

3. “The Rugged Skies” – A portrayal of my fiancé. As a pilot in the Air Force, he flies C-130J cargo planes that deliver needed supplies to people in need. The C130J has a distinct hum from outside the plane when it takes off, and that hum transforms inside the cockpit. I wanted to capture that essence in music.

4. “(Would-Be) Pigeon Slayer” – An account of my cat stalking a pigeon. I have a small, black cat who fancies herself a fierce huntress of the pigeons that sit outside my window. This vignette follows her noticing the pigeon in the window, stalking it, being thwarted when the pigeon temporarily flies away, stalking it again when it comes back, and then finally “attacking” it through the window.

5. “To Learn and Teach Wherever She Goes” – A story of my mother. Throughout her entire life, my mom has always had a passion for education, either in learning from or in teaching others. This piece grew from the zip codes of various institutions that she attended as student, then teacher, always ardently giving and pursuing knowledge.

Duration – 13 minutes

Written for the composer’s mother, Dr. Patricia Dinkins-Matthews

Premiered on May 5, 2019 by Dr. Patricia Dinkins-Matthews in Bates Recital Hall at the Butler School of Music at The University of Texas-Austin